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1 June
Hurr., Djibouti
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"good night", "i love you", accents, apologies, apples, autumn, basements, batteries, being smart, big sweaters, big things, blowing headphones, brownies, bubble baths, carnation instant breakfast, carnivals, cheese, cold, cold showers, colouring, comfort, comic book stores, comic books, crushing ants, driving, early mornings, english class, eskimo kisses, falling, fashion, fat faces, feeling alive, feeling wanted, fields, greek food, hardcore, hide + seek, high rises, hills, hot showers, idealism, immaturity, indie, japan, jazz, jesus, juiceboxes, key-lime soda, late nights, london, love, mail, megan, merch, milk, mint chocolate chip icecream, modesty, nice clothes, nice smells, ovaltine, pictures, pimps, pina coladas, pits, pollen, polysporin, posture, praying, private things, reading, realism, really big rings, relaxing, sailor moon, salt, scary movies, scary rides, secrets, sensability, sewing, shows, sincerity, slapping hoes around, small things, sneezing, song writing, special things, stability, straws, sushi, sweater vests, swingsets, tapes, thinking, train tracks, trains, trees, videogames, walks, warm, windows, writing, yoda.
i listen to amazingly wicked sweet mad rad music .
i live in wisconsin .
i have armpits that i shave frequently .
theres a small mole in the right one ,
which involves much meneuvering when showering .
is that how you spell meneuver ? hm .

i have a best friend , life mate , everything thats ever been amazing or meant something to me ever named megan ,
+ a best friend named joshua .
but not a boyfriend . because ... love is something i dont wish upon anyone .
because it rips apart your soul , steals away your willpower ,
+ leaves you alone - merely a blubbering entity of nothingness ,
with a gigantic hole where your heart used to be .
dont do it kids . it destroys you .
i like to snort seaweed + slap around hoes .
Thank you .